Congratulations to our Winners

30 May 2022

Triples: Ann Wilson, Richard Harper and Graeme Davis
Pairs: Greg and Brett Parker
Novice: Nathan Walker
8 Badge Winners: Ann Wilson, Nathan Walker, Roy Wilkie and Bill Hammond
Club Champion: Robert Moseley

Special mention was made to our outgoing bowlers, John Bergin, Alan Cook and Ken Melville. Many thanks to them all for their contribution to the Club.

Acknowledgment and thanks were given to our supporters and suppliers with special mention to Fengrove Wines, Carlton United Brewery and Angrove Wines. The Club appreciates their support in providing prizes.

Thanks to Ron Ansett for his coordination and presentations and looking after all players throughout the season.

Special thanks to Christine and Peter Hill for their coordination of a wonderful lunch and the great team that assisted at the bar Courtney and Cheri.