Have a safe and happy Christmas

22 Dec 2020

As Christmas Day approaches and the New Year is almost upon us it is a great time to reflect on the year gone by and acknowledge the progress we have made through difficult times.

Covid threw the world into chaos and for a moment in time we were all at sea with the future.

Whilst chaos still remains in many parts of the world and uncertainty lies in the Eastern States. WA has for the moment escaped the bleak consequences of the virus and we have been able to lead a life almost normal.

The Covid period for LMRC meant a great opportunity to carry out much needed maintenance and when restrictions were eased, we were able to embrace the new enthusiasm for social activities with a fresh look.

From the start in June /July we embraced a new workout group of line dancing cardio enthusiasts who pumped some life into Tuesday, and more recently, Wednesday nights.

We have seen Dancery evolve with the very popular DJ Cheri at the helm along with her Live Bands. Soul Dance also got back to the dance floor.

Move fit on Saturday morning or “Nia” for the early birds, both have proven to be very popular exercise classes on Saturday. Zumba continued on Monday nights.

Whilst we have lost the well patronised JDK dance groups there is now new opportunities for groups on Monday and Tuesday nights.

Over the Christmas break, the Club will be having the hall floorboards sanded and polished ready for more dancing in the New Year!