WA Showcase Competition

2 Sep 2021

In August this year a team of ladies from our Line Dancing at “The Lake” group entered a fabulous new initiative, created by Event Directors: Dancers United, who last year put together a “Linedance Competition for Adult Linedancers”. Groups from all over Perth and country WA participated at the Guildford Town Hall to showcase a variety of different styles on offer around our state.

Entering 6 events, the LMDG team were represented by Heather Jayne Endall, Shell Murray, Gaynor Allis, Lynette McLean, Sonia Brooks, Pauline Chamberlain, Jayne Saliba, Beverly Chittleborough and Sue Alderton.

A fantastic time was had by all, and a huge thank you goes out to the team for showcasing the club and what we have to offer.  We would also like to thank all the club supporters who attended the event to support our ladies.

Line Dancing at “The Lake” is alive and well.

A little about the group…In 2020 as a way of getting some exercise, and some much need socialising thanks to the then limitations of the pandemic, we started up a small line dancing group so that we could continue dancing to all our favourite tunes.

Fifteen months later we have evolved into an aerobic line dancing movement offering a great cardio workout doing all the regular dances that we all know and love from around town, but instead of dancing to all our old favourites, we have adapted them to new and modern music.   We have found our own lane and now showcase that all the dances of yesteryear can in fact be danced to any genre of music currently being played today.

We are progressive and looking to the future. We are both experienced and beginners alike, coming together to simply enjoy music, dance and socialising.

There is no set structure, no classes, just rock up and join in 2x 45 minutes sessions on a Wednesday night from 7pm – 9.15pm. For those starting out it is conduit for entering the dancing scene with no pressure or expectations. For those that are experienced it is a fun way to get that cardio workout whilst enjoy dancing to some awesome music. For just $10 – it beats the gym any day. Go on, have a go!